Parenting and Family Issues

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs. We want to do the best for our children all while protecting them from the harms of our own childhood. This could include many variables such as the fear of repeating cycles  or the fear of our children feeling inadequate. These values influence parenting and marriages. Parenting and family sessions incorporate your family values and expectations into your family goals. 

Attachment includes a balance between autonomy and intimacy. Promoting this balance between relationships within the family allows for healthy coping skills for shared trauma experiences such as divorce, death, poverty, violence, etc. 

Families with members that have special needs also need support in developing helpful attachments that are important to meet developmental milestones. Special needs may provoke feelings of loss, anger, existential confusion, and/or helplessness within the family. Family therapy can assist in creating healthy attachments that result in an increase of perseverance and endurance to overcome circumstances. 

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