Children and Adolescence

Children and adolescents express themselves and symptoms differently than adults. All behavior is a form of communication. Understanding your child's unique style of communication allows for you to respond effectively. Depending on the age of the child, parents may be involved in the treatment process and the treatment process may be focused on increasing the attunement between parent and child. On the other hand, older children may benefit from having a protected confidential therapeutic relationship and parents may be involved as needed.  I am certified in Child Parent Psychotherapy. This is a trauma focused evidence based practice that uses a dyadic therapeutic approach for children ages 0-5. A few other therapeutic approaches I implement with children and adolescents are listed below:

  •  play therapy
  •  sand tray 
  •  narrative therapy
  •  art therapy
  • CBT
  • mindfulness
  • music therapy
  • attachment based therapy
  • reality therapy
  • solution focused therapy

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